I offer workshops for schools and adult groups, colleges and other organisations.

I am a member of the National Association of Writers in Education.

Both writing and performance workshops are available, or I can combine both aspects as required. I am particularly interested in historical themes, though I am happy to work with others as required. I have yet to be defeated by a challenge.

Here are some comments:

"It was very good... the children loved the story... lots of varied activities... fun, engaging and pitched at the right level... inspired some excellent written work."

Helen Sharma, teacher, Weston All Saints Primary, Bath

"Feedback was very good... a really positive experience for the students"

David Grimmett, Head of English,Churchill Academy 

"All children said they enjoyed it - one said it was the first poem he's ever written that was any good."

B.Carson, teacher, Air Balloon Hill Primary, Bristol

"The workshops were well planned and matched the needs of the students. As a result of these sessions, students were confident in their ability to organise their content and improve their skills to meet GCSE requirements."

Louise Milne, Head of English,

Merchants Academy, Bristol 

During a long-term residency at Cotham School Bristol I edited a book of children's poems, mischievously titled ‘The Demons in our Head’.

“Students were very enthusiastic… Trevor’s sessions with students allowed them to have confidence in their abilities and to explore poetic language and ideas in an exciting and accessible way.”

Workshops for adults

"Trevor's course has helped me gain confidence not only in performing my poems, but also sharing them. He was able to breathe new life into some poems I'd previously thought of as dead."

Gav Watkins

"I had never been to a creative writing workshop before. I liked this. I was told it would just be some bloke pontificating! ...but there was a structured lesson and we all got to write a piece - in 12 minutes! Complete with tips and tricks, and Trevor was kind to me when I read out my piece with trepidation."

Caroline Easthope, Warwick Folk Festival

Those Who are Certain

‘How wrong they are, in always being right.’

W H Auden, ‘Our Bias’

Those who are certain of what’s right,

And have no doubt within their mind,

Will lead us to the darkest night.

They see the world in black and white

And won’t be swayed or undermined,

As they’re convinced of what is right.

They have no doubts why they should fight

Against those who are not their kind,

And lead us to the darkest night.

Their arguments are watertight.

The way ahead is clearly signed

For those convinced of what is right.

The provocation may be slight,

But all restraint is left behind

By those who seek the darkest night.

Their world is closed; admits no light.

And so it is, we always find

Those who are certain what is right

Will lead us to the darkest night.

This is from my second book, 'Children of the Fire'.

This poem emerged as the Year 7 slam winner after workshops at

Rendcombe College in January 2018

The Santa’s Staff Rebellion

There he was sat on the bed,

Mrs Claus came in without her head

“Honey have you seen my head?

“Last time I saw it, it was by your bed”

Her neck was oozing, dripping on the carpet

Santa stood and said, “what the devil incarnate” 

The elves came in one by one

each with a fully loaded gun

“We want better working conditions,

Or we will find a use for our ammunition”   

“Please! We'll give you whatever you want. 

 Wwe will even fly you to Mont blanc!”

Once Mrs Clause's head was received

the elves were sent of to go and ski.   

By Bertie.P Archie.S Thomas.G and Henry.C

Academic Tuition - I offer tuition in English, history and politics.

"Your insight is matchless...highly rewarding." Sadia Gill,Corporate Communicator,Switzerland 2016

"After the first session I left feeling much more confident. My supervisor commented on my improved performance at work and better grasp of grammar and comprehension."

Student studying for qualified teacher status tests 2014

"I've passed!Thanks for all your help.You are amazing."

"I enjoy having Trevor's tutorials as he explains how to improve my work thoroughly. He points to useful sources to deepen my knowledge and helps me develop a more sophisticated approach." English GCSE student

"It was a really useful week and pushed my knowledge and understanding of both politics and literature. Trevor is a patient tutor who I thoroughly recommend"

English & politics A level student 

"I have learned a great deal with Trevor. My essay writing and planning is better, my style has improved and my vocabulary has expanded."

English A level student 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are you academic credentials?

I have had twenty years of wide ranging experience in education and training and have PGCE distinctions in 'curriculum development', 'assessment strategies' and 'professional practice'. I was awarded the David Howell Memorial Prize for being the most outstanding student in history and politics at the University of the West of England in 1989. I have published four collections of poetry and written book reviews for Community Care and Bristol Festival of Ideas and articles for newspapers.

What do you see as your particular strengths?

I enjoy the challenge of adapting to diverse sitautions. I have finely developed analytical skills and have worked successfully with a very wide range of learners.

What are your greatest achievements?

In 2000 I was commissioned to run a scheme for people who were long-term unemployed and had 'serious barriers to work'. I was so successful at doing this that I was invited to apply for membership of 'Who's Who'. It was very rewarding to set up a full-time school system from scratch and use it to transform people's lives. In 2014 I won a performance competition to become Bristol Storyteller of the Year.

What are your ambitions?

I hope to continue entertaining people at festivals and other events. I am also concerned with passing on skills, knowledge and strategies to anyone who is interested, especially the next generation.