I welcome commissions to celebrate events, rites of passage or to promote business ventures.

If you’d like a poem to celebrate

any aspect of your life or fate;

marriage, birth or transportation -

elevation to a higher station:

phone me now! Go on, don't wait.

I’ll make a good time really great.

If you need words of inspiration

I’ll formulate a fine oration! 

Some feedback:

"They all loved it... and thought I was very clever to find someone who could put 50 years into verse... if medals were being awarded we would be on the rostrum. R asked me to thank you for making his life into such a wonderful art form. Many thanks for making the occasion so memorable."  Ann B

"Thanks so much for the 21st birthday poem you wrote for Francis. I wanted to give him something original that would carry emotional weight and your poem has done just that.

I love the way it points him forward to his future and the things he will achieve in life rather than being a cosy look backwards. It is a stately measured look ahead to opportunities to be grasped. Francis loves it and says it is one of the best presents he has ever had. Thanks again for producing such a beautifully framed gift."  Rosie Blagburn

Here is a poem I wrote to promote participation in my local tennis club in Victoria Park, Bristol. This is also featured in my second book 'Children of the Fire', which has now sold out.

Summer's here and balls are flying!

It's tennis time, there's no denying.

Lose your sense of inhibition,

improve your physical condition.

What better way to be a sport

than getting on the tennis court?

Don't waste yourself before TV.

You too could be as fit as me.

What better way to kick the blues

than lacing up your tennis shoes

to frolic in the open air

with balls about you everywhere.

Some people now endorse their balls

with idiosyncratic scrawls

to ensure that they will not slip

into inappropriate ownership.

Best not to let them stray too far.

Control your balls and be a star.

And it's not a costly proposition

to enlist yourself for some tuition.

A coach can help you to improve

and get your backhand in the groove.

If you work at it, you'll cut a dash

with a scintillating forehand smash.

Does this sound good? Are you persuaded?

Act now before the vision's faded.

Fill in your subscription now,

and get yourself out there somehow.

Swing your racket, stretch, and cry:

"Oh joy! That glorious tennis high!"